mr-elementle asked:

Hey, do you remember anything else about that show? because it sounds familiar but all i can think of is Magical DoReMi and thats probably not it

aaah, I did watch that show as a kid but I don’t remember it having that aspect in it at all! 

I’m fairly certain the thing I’m thinking of was an animation though, and I remember the characters holding big penalties for when someone did “take” something for their own benefit, often resulting in some cutscene or something where the show would let you see the thing being taken/vannishing from where it was supposed to be in a comical fasion, however it usually made me really sad when I saw it xD

Randomly thinking and pondering while doing other things, (as-per-usual) and I suddenly get flooded with this memory of a TV show or something that had a peculiar rule where magic existed, but you couldn’t just spawn in things you wanted, because when/if you did that, it would take that thing from somewhere else?? 

so it couldn’t create anything new, it just stole it from other things/people. 

does anybody remember what this is? I have no idea how to search for that myself.